Who we are

Pebblestone Properties has a proven track record for the construction, development and rental of residential properties in the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg.

With a strong focus on creating an environment to influence a balanced lifestyle, the design of the various establishments features modern finishes which are affordable and of excellent quality.

Security is key; not just for peace of mind, but to promote the well-being of all residents to feel at home and to feel that sense of security. Access control, 24-hour security and other enhancements are included as security measures. The caretakers at each establishment ensures that there is consistency and adherence to complex rules, through regular communication.

Cleanliness and neatness are imperative as we uphold a certain standard in this regard. It is in the interest of all concerned to maintain this level of neatness and cleanliness and therefore these rules are in place so that everyone is aware of the do’s and don’ts. It’s about respecting the living space, in and around individual units.

We understand the need for communication via the internet and have ensured that each establishment provides facilities allowing you to connect independently via your preferred supplier. This also includes DSTV for your entertainment requirements.

We have taken much pride in our common areas such as the entrances, pool areas, braai areas and gardens of each establishment, in keeping it well maintained so that residents have the pleasure of enjoying being out of their individual units as and when required. If this sounds like the environment you’ll be delighted to call home, contact us for more details as we would love to welcome you.